Bucharest Inside the Beltway

Bucharest Inside the Beltway
Bucharest Inside the Beltway (BiB) is a new culture and arts collective based in Washington DC. Inspired by the progressive and diverse artistic world of Bucharest, BiB aims to bring that spirit of collaboration and risk-taking to the District of Columbia. We are a platform for professional and amateur artists and a space for every artistic expression, in all languages. We have a keen interest in being a forum for underrepresented communities and believe firmly in making arts accessible to all. So far we have produced a successful play, poetry slam, theatrical live reading, fundraiser, and formal gala performance, as well as lit up the historic DC spoken word scene with original poetry and prose. Everyone is welcome to join us in DC or Bucharest! Sper ca ne vedem in curand! BiB is led by co-directors Cristina Bejan andRucsandra Pop. Our motto is: Building a creative home for every unheard voice in the District of Columbia and beyond. 

Cristina_Hyrdra Society

Cristina Adriana Bejan, DPhil (Oxon)
Executive Director, Bucharest Inside the Beltway
(DC’s new culture and arts collective)
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