Back to back – POETRY SESSION


Rucsandra Pop and Vlad Ioan Tausance read their poems back to back Wednesday, February 15th, at FRAME, in Bucharest, Romania, starting 21.00.
Featuring: Cinty
Music, entertainemnt, bossa, funky, delicatessen: Vlad Tausance
From the programme: joking with the public, the after cigarette and nice music.

The event is organized Hydra Society.

Be there or be square. And don’t wear a white shirt.


We are Hydra Society


We are Hydra Society, a creature with two heads.
We promote special flavours and enchanting conversation.

De La nuit des temps nous venons, derniers témoins de civilisations à jamais gommées de la mémoire de l’ humanité. Nous sommes immortels et dans le plus grand secret nous évoluons parmis vous, caché dans l’ ombre, combattant pour survivre en attendant l’ heure de l’ ultime combat qui verra le triomphe du dernier d’ entre nous. Nul n’a jamais soupsonné notre existence…Jusqu’a aujourd’hui !”

Our motto “We don’t back off!” is our guiding light in the day to day and night to night life.

Hydra Society was born spontaneously, out of the necessity to fill the void of elegance and emotion between people of the same religion (not necessarily), age (not necessarily) and sexual orientation (not necessarily). These are our main values. We knowingly do not include sincerity, for example.

Among our strong points:
The experience of 5 teas, that were considered a success also by other people (Camil knows).
Cooking skills: pork rib boneless imitation is our cooking forte.
The art and craft of being